Things need to be taken care of before stolen your mobile

TThings need to be taken care of before your phone is stolen. Protect your phone from being forgotten or lost before its too late.

Protect your mobile from getting lost, or stolen. These days, losing and having your phone stolen is a common thing. Even police officers have been reported to have lost their smart phones before, which says a lot about how to protect your cell phones. But if you do not want to lose these devices and would like to keep them safe until the time you need them, then you must take care of some things before they get misplaced or lost.

Nowadays Smartphone become a necessity. It has large-scale to inform from the video and apps, which have all kinds of awareness. But almost the people who use Smartphone always think about his own phone get stolen, whether if will happen at his home or outside the motor vehicle, it's very horrible. So that's why we are doing an article "Things need to be take care before stolen of your mobile". There are lots of reasons occur steal any electronic device. If you have one iPhone or Android smartphone you should learn about your phone is getting stolen for a real situation. With this feature you can save your cell phone snap and make sure restore of your cell phone if it would be stolen one day.

4 things need to take care before stolen of your mobile


In this post, I've discussed the three things you need to take care before stolen of your mobile. So they can lost and stole our devices. So we should do these things before the unwanted thing happens in our life.

1. Turn off your mobile notification during lock screen

  • Turn off your mobile notification

settings->notification and satus bar -> lock screen ->pull down on lock screen to access ->turn off 

When your phone is stolen, the thief can turn off your data and access your phone's notifications, giving him access to your personal information. This can be avoided by turning off your phone's status bar notification access, which prevents the thief from accessing your notifications and turning off your location or internet access, allowing you to track your phone easily.

You can do this by turning off the pull down on the lock screen to access it, so the thief won't be able to scroll down and turn off the internet or wifi.

2. Turn on the "Find my Device" feature on your phone.

  • Turn on Find My Device in your mobile

settings->find my device ->turn on find my device 

It's a free service that helps you locate and remotely lock or erase your device. You can use it if your device goes missing, as long as it's powered on and connected to the internet. Find my device will also help you find your phone by making it ring at maximum volume so that you can easily find it in the place where you left it last. This is available on all android devices running android 4.1 or higher.

Turn on the find my device feature You can remotely access your mobile phone by turning on the find my device setting. If your phone is stolen, you can remotely access your data and easily access to it when it is lost. You can also easily trace your phone by using this setting.

3. Turn On backup and reset setting in your mobile

settings->system settings ->backup and reset ->turn on backup 

Backup and reset will help you to recover your data, like pictures, videos, contacts etc. If you have turned on the automatic backup of any app then it will be easy for you to recover those data from Google Drive or iCloud.

Backup and reset will assist you in resetting your phone if it is lost or stolen. If you have a backup, you can easily take a backup and delete the backup data, so you don't have to worry about losing your data on your phone. You may also delete the cloud data on your device.

4. Turn on google location accuracy

  • Turn on Google Location Accuracy.

  • You can find this setting in your mobile device’s settings menu.

  • Android: Settings > Location Services > Google Accessory Services > Enable Google Accessory Service (this is for older devices) or Settings > Location > Mode to High accuracy, Device only (for newer devices).

  • IOS: Settings > Privacy > Location Services, scroll down and turn on “Google App Containing My Location”

Activate the Google Location Accuracy feature. This will allow you to say the exact location of your mobile device via gps, wifi, internet, and other methods, and you will be able to locate your device quickly.


we have discussed the things need to take care before stolen of your mobile. if you follow the above steps your mobile will be safe and more secure when it stolen.