VTU CGPA and SGPA Calculator 2018 Scheme

VVTU CGPA / SGPA Calculator 2018 Scheme-How to Calculate VTU CGPA and SGPA by using Calculator

Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) is one of India's most significant technological universities, with a 20-year history of engineering and technical education, research, and innovation. It was founded in 1998 to meet the demand for skilled technical professionals with practical experience and good theoretical understanding in Indian businesses.

University has accomplished the enormous challenge of bringing together several colleges that were formerly linked with distinct universities, each with its own syllabi, procedures, and traditions, under one umbrella.

With undergraduate courses in 35 disciplines, PG programs in 94 disciplines, and Ph.D. and M.sc(Engg.) with research programs in 592 departments, the university has 219 affiliated colleges, 1 constituent college, and 17 autonomous colleges. Over 4 lakh Engineering students study in the various institutes affiliated with the university. The University has 13 Quality Improvement Program (QIP) centers in several affiliated institutions, as well as 16 extension centers that offer postgraduate degrees.

Calculate the % based on the SGPA for the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) B.E/B. Tech 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sem Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) scheme 2021 Exams.

How to calculate SGPA for VTU CBCS in the calculator


SGPA (Si) = Σ(Ci x Gi) / ΣCi

where Ci is the number of credits of the ith course and Gi is the grade point scored (grade points obtained) by the student in the ith course.

VTU SGPA calculator is to find the single semester for VTU marks. VTU SGPA calculator calculates the SGPA of single semester VTU subjects in an accurate manner. Convert marks into SGPA in VTU SGPA calculator student just to enter the regular marks subject in the SGPA calculator then is to click submit the marks

This SGPA calculator was built to help VTU students calculate their SGPA, It may be flexible enough to work with your university as well. To add subjects click the "+" button. The credit break-up is as follows:

  • Main - 4 credits
  • Final Year Project - 5 credits
  • Elective - 3 credits
  • Labs, Internship seminars, technical seminars - 2 credits
  • 1 credit

Use these settings to set up the calculator to the configuration of your current semester. As of 2019, this calculator is able to support semesters 1 to 8. The CGPA calculator is similar, just enter your CGPA from semester 1 to 8.

Notes4free.inVTU SGPA and CGPA calculator is a tool designed to calculate SGPA and CGPA easily. All you need to do is enter the marks that you have got for the semester you want to calculate when it comes to SGPA. I will try to add more features and keep this site updated. If this website has helped you, consider recommending it to your friends.

How to calculate CGPA for VTU CBCS in a calculator


VTU CGPA calculator calculates your CGPA for all semesters in a simple manner. VTU CGPA calculator converts marks into CGPA for standard subjects in grade 10 at VTU. You must now enter the appropriate grades into the VTU CGPA calculator and submit it. Calculate VTU CGPA calculator percentage from SGPA forVisvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)B.E/B. Tech 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sem Choice Based Credit system (CBCS) scheme Jan 2020 and 2021 using VTU CGPA calculator.

The VTU uses an absolute grading system, in which the marks are converted to grades, and the semester grade point average (SGPA) and cumulative grade point average (CGPA) are announced at the end of each semester (CGPA). Except for the first semester, the CGPA will be calculated every semester.

Calculator for the CGPA at VTU The following letter grades are used in the grading system, as shown in the VTU CGPA calculator below:

  • outstanding-->O-->10
  • Excellent-->S-->9
  • very goog-->A-->8.
  • good-->B<-->7 
  • above_avg-->C-->6
  • avg-->D-->5.
  • poor-->E-->4
  • fail-->F-->00

VTU CGPA calculator- A student who receives a grade of "F" is considered to have failed the course and will be required to retake the exam. Students who pass the failed subject in subsequent examinations will receive an "E" grade, regardless of the marks they receive in subsequent examinations. The transcripts must record the number of attempts made to clear a subject or subjects.

Please see the table below for credit values for various academic activities. For the 2018 CBCS Scheme










(L: T:P)



4 0 0 4:0:0 4
3 0 0 3:0:0 3
2 2 0 2:1:0 3
2 0 2 2:0:1 3
2 2 2 2:1:1 4
0 0 6 0:0:3 3
Note: Activities like practical training, study tour and participation in guest lectures do not carry, any credits. PLEASE GO THROUGH VTU WEBSITE FOR DETAILED INFORMATION REGARDING THIS