TECHNICAL ENGLISH-1(18EGH18) Notes for VTU 1st SEMTECHNICAL ENGLISH-1 All 5 modules can be downloaded by VTU students.Physics and Chemistry Cycle 1st SEM semester notes for the VTU CBCS scheme in pdf format. Additionally, obtain CBCS scheme and other VTU study resources. Based on the CBCS scheme, the model, and past years, VTU notes are provided for the Physics and Chemistry Cycle TECHNICAL ENGLISH-1(18EGH18)1st SEM semesters of the CBCS scheme. Questionnaires for the Physics and Chemistry Cycle VTU

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Branch - Physics and Chemistry Cycle

Subject Name - TECHNICAL ENGLISH-1 VTU notes

Subject CODE - 18EGH18


Download VTU notes on the 2016 , 2018 and 2021 scheme of TECHNICAL ENGLISH-1 with Subject Codes 18EGH18. Download the Physics and Chemistry Cycle 2021 scheme VTU notes notes in Getinfo4free and read the TECHNICAL ENGLISH-1 VTU notes notes online. Please contact the getinfo4free admin if you have any questions.


Module – 1
Introduction to Technical Communication
Fundamentals of Technical Communication skills, Barriers to effective communication skills, How to improve interpersonal communication skills, and Developing Interpersonal Skills.
Grammar: Basic English Grammar and Parts of Speech – Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs, Preposition, Articles, Conjunctions.

Module – 2
Introduction to listening skills and phonetics-1
introduction to phonetics sounds mispronounced,  silent and non-silent letter, homophones and homonyms, aspiration, pronunciation of ‘the’, words ending ‘age’, some plural forms,
Articles: Use of Articles-Indefinite and definite Articles.

Module – 3
Developing Listening Skills (Phonetics and Vocabulary Building) – II
Speech Sounds: Vowels and Consonants – Exercises on it. Preposition, kinds of
Preposition and Prepositions often Confused. Word Accent – Rules for Word
Accent, Stress Shift, Question Tags, Question Tags for Assertive
Sentences(Statements)-Some Exceptions in Question Tags and Exercises, One
Word Substitutes and Exercises.
Vocabulary – Synonyms and Antonyms, Exercises on it.

Module – 4
Speaking Skills (Grammar and Vocabulary)-I
Syllables, Structures, Strong and Weak forms of words, Words formation –
Prefixes and Suffixes (Vocabulary), Contractions and Abbreviations.
Spelling Rules and Words often Misspelt – Exercises on it. Word Pairs (Minimal
Pairs)- Exercises, The Sequence of Tenses ( Rules in use of Tenses) and Exercises on it.

Module – 5
Speaking Skills (Grammar and Vocabulary)-II
Extempore/Public Speaking, Diffeèrence between Extempore/Public Speaking, and Guidelines for Practice. Mother Tongue Influence(MTI) – South Indian Speakers, Various Techniques for Neutralisation of Mother Tongue Influence Comprehension Exercises. Information Transfer Oral Presentation Examples. Common Errors in Pronunciation.

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